When is someone being disrespectful?

Showing respect for others is something that takes very little effort if any at all. How often have you been ignored by someone, or waited for them after setting a time to meet?

Do people not realize that by being late they are not respecting your time? If they truly have an honest excuse that is fine, but what if a person is constantly late without any reason whatsoever? Is it that they feel more important if you have to wait for them, or are they just on purpose pushing your buttons? Maybe they have their own excuse, which still isn’t making you happy.

Respecting time

I was raised to always be on time. This may have influenced my viewpoint I have on the subject today. As a child we do not comprehend certain things and it was only recently when someone else said “Being late means you have no respect for the other party” that it finally made complete and utter sense why it matters so much to me to be on time.

We get different types of people being late but one most men or women will be able to relate to is if their significant other is never on time. Whether it is for the daily commute to work or the weekly shopping.

Truth be told I don’t think anybody knows for sure why people are late. It could be something they do out of spite or subconsciously.

Why are you always on time or late?

Do my dishes will you - part 2


Just as I get the water in the shower to my liking I hear the bathroom door open. I announce my presence to which my aunt answers “Don’t worry I won’t look”. I wish I could have seen my own face because it must have been a look of shock and awe! So there I am standing in the shower not moving a muscle for what feels like forever, before I hear the door close. I quickly did what I had to do and got out of the bathroom before any more interruptions.

By now everyone was up and getting themselves breakfast. I sit down to a nice bowl of oats, which was way better than dinner. My first bite wasn’t even down the hatch when the brawl starts up again. My niece looks at my aunt and says “So how does he look naked?” Apparently my aunt does this to everyone in the house including guests, and they thought it to be inappropriate. My instincts tell me it’s better not to pitch in and I quietly eat my breakfast, but like all family altercations someone just has to ask my opinion so I say “Not my house, so I don’t make the rules” In hindsight this might not have been the best choice, since now everyone was a bit upset with me for not taking sides.

Thirty minutes later someone notices the time and announces they are going to be late. Seeing as I was the only one who was already done my aunt asked me to start doing the dishes from dinner and breakfast saying she would chip in as soon as she had made a phone call. My niece looked at me with a smile and said she was going to shower.

I start the dishes, which was a massive pile to say the least. These people obviously don’t know how to work sparingly when making food. An hour later and I’m finally done with the dishes only to realize nobody ever came to help. As my niece passes me she whispers “She never planned on helping you with that”. As it turns out she regularly does this with guests as well.

I excused myself saying I had an emergency at work and promptly left never to see them since!

Read Do my dishes will you – part 1

The Great Depression of our lives


Are we raised expecting too much out of life?

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact.” – Fight Club Quote

Let’s face it. Television makes life seem easy in general, unless you are watching some soap opera where the mother is pregnant with her son-in-law’s baby. I’m sure some people might even find that appealing. Fact is most people don’t turn on their TV to watch depressing shows. We are all looking for that feel good Glee moment. The problem is that TV is nothing more than business. As long as people want to see something they will keep producing it.

How is this affecting society? I can’t help but wonder if TV and the media isn’t playing a role in all these school shootings. We’ve heard it being blamed on video games time and again, but what about the crime channel? Where it’s 24 hours of murder mystery. Death, Deception, Adultery, Abuse, or money…

Everything we come in contact with leaves an impression. Some people are able to move past it with their morals in tact while others feel their eyes have finally been opened to the world we live in. Some go with it and a few actually try to change it.

Where do we place the blame when things go wrong?

The Love Triangle


The three keys to any successful long term relationship

So just what the hell do you know about relationships? Good question. Two long term failed relationships does not mean I have not learned anything. It is identifying the pitfalls that help avoid them however. Fixing a relationship? uhm no that won’t happen. As mentioned in a previous post I have been reading The Tao of Badass. The sales video is hype and actually the authors provide valuable information, not only to empower men but to teach them how to be a real man with women and not just a sleazy player.

The knowledge I have gained is solid. Looking back on previous experiences I can finally see a clear picture. A real long term relationship consists of three things. If one is missing then a relationship wil fail without doubt unless either party locks the other in the basement… Scary thought but let’s move along.


That’s all that is needed for a relationship to thrive. If you can’t emotionally connect or relate with someone then what is the point? Who will be your shoulder when you need one? Being a shoulder is okay but truly understanding and feeling empathy instead of apathy is one building block you can’t overlook.

Desire, Do I need say more?

Then we get to logic. This is the trickiest of them all. You need to truly detach your emotions from this one and ask, where is this going? Our minds work with logic and our hearts with emotion. Emotion is a very sneaky thing and will sometimes convince you that what it’s telling you is logical when it isn’t. It’s the drive of the emotional part to survive. Sadly logic doesn’t have this drive to completely drown out the emotional parts we have. It will not fool us into thinking it is emotion when it is logic, and trust me emotion does that to every person, unless you are a cold hearted serial killer…

Relationships are tricky and even though most women don’t know it; and those who know won’t admit it, the guy is in charge of leading a relationship. We need to analyze and interpret everything, and take the lead. This includes everything from first picking a woman up right to the part of letting her go if she isn’t right for you.

When a woman drives you out of character you need to realize, that you are acting on emotion and the relationship will not be fulfilling. Read the Tao of Badass to learn more

Negativity is a killer


Negativity and the influence on your life

Quick, log into your Facebook and tell me how many negative stories appear in your feed. So how do you think that affects you? Maybe you are one of those lucky people who don’t get bombarded with that crap on your Facebook, but fact is many do.

Negativity is like a vampire preying on the weak

Generally we can break up the stories on our feed into x categories. First we have positive quotes or messages. Ever notice how these sometime make you feel inspired yet inferior? Second we have someone sharing cute animal photos. It’s a quick pick me up like high GI foods. Last but not least we have the funny negative posts. You will see these most likely as pictures having some text in them.

The third one is the one I’d like to talk about. Lets assume you see the below image.

wife trade in


Let’s be brutally honest. That is super funny especially if your new girlfriend posts that on your ex’s wall. That is however not the point. The funny pictures sometimes solicit negative feelings from us without us ever knowing it. It’s like eating french fries. You feel awesome now but it’s not good for your body. Now let’s not get started on the whole healthy food topic.

Be aware of what’s around you and how it is affecting you. It is only when we can identify the negativity that we can focus on the positive and grow.

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